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Merch for Touring Bands

Touring and merch go hand-in-hand, and if you aren't offering band merch at your shows, you aren't just leaving money on the table - you're removing a valuable piece of the show and fan experience too. Wearing shirts from the show or putting a sticker of your favorite band on your water bottle are part of being a fan and supporting artists.

Fans Supporting Bands

When your fans are buying shirts, buttons, stickers and other merch, they're supporting you as an artist. They may have purchased your album from Spotify or downloaded your song on Apple Music, but the merch is still a huge draw and a way for fans to tell their friends a story, like "I caught this tour, and the show was rad!"

Merch Helps Bands Keep Touring

Let's be real, touring can cost a lot of money, and your ticket sales may not make you a millionaire. However, touring merch is a great way to maximize the touring profit especially for newer bands trying to make a name for themselves. When you have unique shirts, buttons and stickers at your shows, you allow fans to have a memento of each show, or offer the perfect gift for someone who wasn't able to go.

Organic Band Advertising

How many times have you seen someone wearing a band shirt and then immediately hopped online to find out more about that band? Each shirt, sticker and hoodie is an opportunity for new fans to discover your band. When you sell merchandise to show-goers, you're increasing your reach to everyone they know and everyone they're connected to on social media. It's free advertising for you and produces a flywheel effect that gains you larger and larger audiences.

Other Considerations

Merch is just one aspect of creating a memorable tour and experience for showgoers. Consider how you will brand your VIP experience with accessories like pop up tents, laminates, lanyards and more.