VIP Supplies

VIP Supplies

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Make your VIPs stand out and feel extra special with the high-quality merch from Tour Essentials. We offer a full line of materials you need to designate your crew and special guests or to use for meet-and-greets. Elevate the backstage experience with these products and create a memorable tour.

Enhancing the VIP Experience

The allure of VIP access is its privacy and exclusive nature. Fans crave one-on-one access to their favorite bands and enjoy the thrill of being given access to restricted areas that the general attendance isn't privy to. This kind of private, exclusive atmosphere can be hard to come by when you're at a music festival or larger open venue. But, with the high-quality VIP supplies we offer, your stage manager can create a perfect VIP reception area for your meet-and-greets, no matter where you are.

Our VIP pop up tents have full sides and a peaked roof for higher clearance. The sturdy construction allows you to decorate with banners and photos, and the thicker fabric of the sides keeps temperatures consistent and cool, even on the hottest summer days. You can even opt for the four-sided tent and add your own portable air conditioner to keep your VIPs cool and comfortable.

Making Fans Feel Welcome

The customized step-and-repeat scrim is a staple of press tours, but you can use one for your tour to add cachet to backstage access. Fans can take photos with band members or each other while waiting in line for an autograph. Or, you may opt for a special background print of your latest album or pictures from the tour so that each photo your fans post includes promotional images of your band.

Safe & Secure VIP Access

Finally, make sure that only people who should be in your staging area, green room, and exclusive meet-and-greet locations are allowed access. Our fully customizable VIP laminate cards denote crew or VIPs, and can be changed for each location. Pair these with our lanyards, which are fully printable so that you can list the tour title or band name.

Other Considerations

Along with creating the perfect VIP experience for your fans, you’ll also want to enhance your stage presence with our selection of stage production accessories like backdrops, scrims and more.