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Stage Production

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Stage Production for Bands

Your fans come to your shows to see you perform and hear unique, once-in-a-lifetime renditions of their favorite songs. To deliver, touring musicians require a compelling stage presence. The stage production merch from Tour Essentials can add visual depth to your performances, creating an immersive sensory experience that elevates the fan experience and makes the show memorable.

Products that Enhance Your Stage Presence

Use our drum riser skirt to hide the cords and other equipment used around your drummer, creating a less-cluttered, more visually appealing look. The pleated fabric comes on and off easily and doesn't wrinkle, making it perfect for taking on tour.

Our step-and-repeat scrim isn't just a great backdrop for VIP photos or an enhancement to your meet-and-greet tent, these portable displays can be used onstage, too. They're printable and customizable, which allows you to display your latest album cover or different images that complement the set you're performing. These are smaller displays, measuring 7x7, 7x10, or 7x13. Use these in a triptych style, with three different images framing your bass player, guitarist, and drummer, or have all three the same image for a cohesive appearance. Using different heights adds visual interest and drama to your stage aesthetic.

Additionally, you can opt for a larger backdrop which comes in nearly a dozen sizes starting from 10x10, perfect for a more intimate venue or a smaller side-stage, all the way up to 30x20 for larger stages and a more dramatic appearance. Our stage backdrops have a guarantee of flame retardancy, allowing you to explore pyrotechnics in your show and protect your band and crew from accidents.

Create An Experience for Showgoers

Creating a cohesive visual display while onstage makes the live experience more enjoyable. Engaging more than one sense in a live show is one of the reasons that in-person tours will never go out of style. Plus, when you purchase stage production accessories, you present a professional appearance to fans. All of our stage merch pieces are professionally produced, with crisp transfers of even the most minute details of your custom printing and high-quality materials that are durable, lightweight, and long-lasting, perfect for a run across the US or an outdoor music festival.

Other Considerations

In addition to creating a memorable stage presence with the products found here, look to our collection of tour merch and VIP supplies to create a well-rounded experience for fans. You’ll find t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, lanyards, laminates and more that your fans will love having as a memory of the show.